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A sales specialty store for carp dishes (sashimi prepared in warm water, sweet simmered carp, fillet, live carp) in Higashi-Naruko Spa, Naruko-Onsen Village, Miyagi Prefecture

Our family has been constant in its devotion to producing carp dishes since the Showa era, keeping up and passing on the tradition to future generations. Carp dishes are still loved by many customers.

I was born in Naruko, Miyagi Prefecture. I have a 20-year career as a licensed specialist cook of carp dishes. Making the most of my experiences of cooking and selling carp in hot-spring resorts, I wish to contribute to carp food education through the method of friendly relationships with my customers.

What's "food education" like in carp dishes?-It's to remove the general misunderstandings about edible carps, and to pass on the traditional carp dish recipes to future generations.

By Publicizing our business, we hope to promote better understandings of carp food preparation and provide opportunities to think about the future of our food environment.

We believe strongly that carp dishes are one of the traditional Japanese dishes that should be handed down from generation to generation.

I wish to emphasize the value of Japanese food culture, that is to say the handing down of traditional food recipes, how to cook them, how to eat them, and the importance of table manners.

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